Your NEXT LEVEL is NOT going to come through the same methods that got you where you are today. 

I’m currently seeking some new participants in my upcoming Masterclass.

🔥What if you lived your life like you are creating your greatest work of art?

✨ It would require attention to detail, care for all the pieces, refinement of the existing pieces, so we can add new pieces to our art, as we are in a state of constant evolution over time, whether conscious or not.✨

Most people don’t look at their life this way.

If they were honest, most are focused on one or two key pieces that consume their resources – thought, attention, time, energy and money, and they tend to lose sight of the value of some of the other pieces they hold in their life.

💡What happens when you desire something?
💡What place does it have relative to the existing pieces that make up your current work of art?

Most people would say you have to give up something to make room for something else.
That is, replace A so you can have B.

For the record, that is not the same as surrendering,

I don’t believe this, contrary to some beliefs around change.

✨My life has been one big transformation.
Microscopically, the reality is that it has been a result of small and big-leap decisions along the way. ✨🙏🏼

⚡️I don’t believe in replacing, unless it is a necessity. Instead I believe in refinement. So, instead of replacing A with B, I believe we add more richness, depth, meaning, energy, and longevity, by refining A, and adding B.

The same goes when we desire C. We refine A & B, and we add C.

⚡️There is an energetic component to all of this.
⚡️There is a spiritual component to all of this, in that we are building the greatest masterpiece over a lifetime.
⚡️The idea is that when we look back on our lives at any stage of the journey, we are proud of what we built and we have all the pieces we desire at the end of this journey, something we can pass down to the next generation after us, like our time here on earth meant something.

I received your application.

Thank you.

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Regstrations being accepted now