Love is always being an up-level in our amazing lives.

The Paradigm

As we come to learn more about ourselves.

It usually comes when we slow down, quiet our environment, or unplug, and we start to receive communications through hunches, nudges and our intuition.

We might go through some defending, some denial even or just plane out “who do they think they are” kind of attitude in response,

But eventually we make moves to attempt to Course correct

Adjust our sails

Get honest with ourselves

Reach out

Take action

And level up!

When we finally come to that point and we make the decision, we wonder what took us so long,

Here’s the thing – That decision is often preceded by the paradigm struggle.

You know you’re speaking to the paradigm when something lights up your spirit, you’re intrigued, the desire is there, albeit it might be weak, but when it comes time to step into your next level self, your reasoning/logic overpowers your now weakened desire.

This happens to many of my coaching clients and this takes an understanding of how our minds work, our environment/influences and knowing how to handle it, so that we aren’t spinning our wheels and not taking action.

You see, your up level doesn’t fit into your current box, current life, nor current circumstances.

It isn’t comfortable and perfect.

It doesn’t behave as you would expect it to.

And it will often trigger you in some way.

But know what you got when it comes up.

It’s your conditioning, your paradigm.

Once you come to know it and recognize it,

You will begin to get out of your own way, quicker, rather than spinning your wheels and sitting in indecision waiting for the “right time”.

How I know that something is for me,

I feel my spirit light up and the more I give attention to it through the use of my other higher faculties, one being my imagination and I feel my desire increase,

that’s a sure clue that this is for me.

The only response to it is to just do it

And ask questions later.

To receive, we almost always need to let go.

What do you need to let go of so you can receive?

I received your application.

Thank you.

Please watch for an email from me.

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