she is the creator, the innovator and she is wild and free.

She is the creator, the innovator
Here to inspire, activate, progress, express and expand.
Her projects, her way of giving, her entrepreneurship,
her messaging, her brand, her coaching,
even her parenting

is an expression of her creativity.

The experience is all about clearing the way to make room for the Return of the Wild Woman.
 a soul-nourished, embodied version of you 
that is creative energy driving innovation,
so that you are motivating, inspiring, connecting on a deep level and leading in your community, home, field or industry

with joy, passion and innovation.

In the spirit of spring,
new beginnings,
renewal and revival energy,
Together with the lunar eclipse that just passed,
and the solar eclipse approaching on April 8th,
now is the time to clear away what feels stagnant and rigid
and make room for creativity, spontaneity, inspiration and sensuality.
This energy is medicine for the soul.
A hyper-magnetism to our desires.

This time our soul is longing to be nourished in all the ways
that feel natural, wild and free, so you can fully step into the
soul-nourished version of you that captivates your essence of being.

In Part 1 of Return of the Wild Woman, we work on clearing what feels stagnant and old
to make way for
the Return of the Wild Woman.
This link is for the replay of Part 1.

If you join ROOTS, our nourishing sisterhood circle,
you will receive the second part of Return of the Wild Woman
as a gift for joining ROOTS.
Please message me for the link to ROOTS.

Click "Count Me In!" below to watch the replay of
Part 1, Return of the Wild Woman!

Investment is 77 USD

she is the creator, the innovator and she is wild and free.
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